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MIT Researchers Invented Communication Enable clothe

MIT researcher is about to succeed in inventing wearable technology

The demand for wearable technology is increasing. Technology researchers are creating technologies that are easy to wear. Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers are preparing clothing products that can be used to communicate with other machines.

The researchers claim that for the first time, it was possible to create a kind of fiber or fiber by adding electronic, which is quite flexible and can be packaged as fabric. It is possible to wash in water. Clothing can be made in this fabric. It includes high-speed electronic semiconductor devices, light-emitting diodes (ELOID), diode photodetectors. In this, clothing will be able to communicate with other devices.

The study was published in the journal Nature of Nature.

Researchers say that their invention will create ‘Moor’s Law’ in clothing. That is fast progress in keeping with the time of fiber. MIT researchers said this in Boston

University researcher Yol Fink said that the fundamental power of Fabrics is increasing. Especially in terms of communication, lighting, and mental subject monitoring, clothing will be used. Various value-added services will be provided in the future using clothing.

Due to the addition of fiber material to the costume, it will be waterproof. Researchers have examined that these clothes may last for several days under water.

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