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How The Life of Hard Drive Decreases Gradually

how the life of hard drive decreases gradually

Technologically, many people want to save their favorite photos, videos, and new software for a long time. Information is increasing day by day and laptop or PC space is over. Many of these are dependent on the external hard drive. Hard disks like other electronic devices also have a lifespan. Life expectancy of the computer is usually 5 to 10 years and the life expectancy of the external hard disk is 3 to 5 years. However, the life expectancy depends on temperature fluctuations, moisture, and other external conditions. External hard drives are more easily used to be portable. It decreases its life expectancy. Find out how the life of the hard drive decreases gradually:

1. If the computer starts to slow down and the computer starts hanging repeatedly or by showing the Blue Screen of Death, then understand that your hard drive is at the end. These are possible signs of reducing hard drive performance. Problems like this may not always be seen at all, but if you see this problem during Windows Safe Mode or new installation, then understand that the hard drive is not working properly.

2. Another possible symptom of hard drive failure may be that the file is not open and without any reason, the file disappears or the file is copied.

3. If you see a lot of bad sectors, then understand that the hard drive’s condition is dysfunctional. The Bad Sector is the faulty area of the hard drive, the areas which do not respond to requests for data read or write. It is difficult to identify if using a larger disk. To test these bad sectors in Windows, go to the Drive partitions from the My PC. Right click on My PC and go to Properties. Then click on the error checking tool. Optimize and defragment drive can be done to optimize.

4. If the same word is heard repeatedly or hard to crack from the hard drive, the hard drive is about to the end. The word repeatedly comes from ‘click of death’. The word is created during the process of right-clicking or error-fixing.

Many hard drives are not ready to crash suddenly. It is therefore important to back up important data. If you want, you can save the old hard drive information to another hard drive. Information will be kept in it. Outside of this, Google Drive can keep data in cloud services like One Drive. References: Gadgets Now.

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