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How To Control Yourself Under Any Circumstances

How To Control Yourself Under Any Circumstances

We get to react less quickly to get angry or to hear about any incident. In order to respond, we have chosen the Blue Wall of Facebook and sometimes have become involved in a debate with others. Under any circumstances, we should always show our steadfastness. Instantly, the immediate reaction to the anger is never a positive behavior. Ph.D. researcher and psychologist Jasmine Akhter of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology of the United States said, “Reaction is one of our normal behaviors. How we will behave in a situation depending on how vivid the personality and mind are. It is always wise to show feedback regularly. Here are few tips on How To Control Yourself Under Any Circumstances


Slowly move forward

If possible, avoid immediate reaction to any incident. Patience tries to find out the right information and the causes of the incident as much as possible. Ask yourself repeatedly about the reasons behind the incident and the reasons behind it. Ask-feedback or feedback, how much will the future have? Your immediate reaction may not be worth any tomorrow. In most cases, there is not much harm in the future if the reaction is not seen. Think before you react, stay tuned.

Stay positive

We feel stress during any event. Get worried due to pressure, get confused by scattering. In such a situation, as we think about the facts, because keeping the mind busy in searching, the less likely we are to calm down. If the situation was ‘How would it be’, ‘How would it be if it were not’ – Do not be confused. Always try to keep negative words away from the mind. Keep the mind fixed positively in any situation.

Avoid Hesitation

‘Ish, if that was the case’ – we were shocked by the sorrow. Avoid all questions related to any event or situation. Do not disturb yourself by scattering the mind, thinking about what has not happened and what not to happen. Such a question actually reveals fear and suspicion.

Take care of the body

In any case, staying calm will not be made in one day’s practice. Take care of the body regularly. Exercise and light exercises every day. You will have to sleep as much as possible. Make peace with yoga.

Say ‘no’ to caffeine

Reduce tea-coffee levels at any moment of excitement. Tea-coffee caffeine stimulates us, adrenaline stimulates the flow of hormones. You can drink plenty of water at any moment of excitement.

Talk to a friend

Before any of your exciting situations can be expressed in a tense situation, friends or experts may consult someone. As you might think, your friend might think differently. If you think of others, your response may change. If you are consulted again, then you can find out very well the reasons for the situation.

Free yourself

In a very sensational situation, we try to take revenge by reacting. Never do that. During the sensational situation, take yourself out of the house for a few hours for any other purpose. Visit the park or move yourself to a favorite book page.

Learn to control the anger

Many of us have bad habits showing anger toward others. You have to learn how to control anger. An emotional anger is an emotion, which must be tactical to control. You have to know the opinions of others by imagining yourself in another place. Respect the whole thing and respect the whole situation.

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