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Apple’s SmartWatch to diagnose heart problems

Apple is now looking for new ways to make the smartwatch.

Along with the new three types of iPhones, Apple is bringing in a sophisticated handheld market. It can recognize people’s heart problems. Even when the patient is more likely to fall ill on the ground then he will also call the patient’s doctor.

There is an app in this handheld, which will tell the heart rate of 30 seconds if you touch the digital crane. All data related to health will be recorded and sent to the doctor in PDF form. Apple’s smartwatch patients can also do ECGIO The name of this smartwatch is ‘Apple Watch Series Four’. It will come to market on 17th September.

This new smartwatch will be of two types. The price of the GPS Plus cellular version was $ 499. The price is $ 399 without GPS. Its speaker is 50 times more powerful than the screen and SmartWatch screen has been 30 times larger. The new smartwatch was displayed on Wednesday in Apple Park Headquarters. Apple has said that the backwheels of this smartwatch have been made in ceramic and safaiyare to increase connectivity.

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