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I couldn’t think Nawazuddin would be so big star: Hirani

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. At the beginning of his career, he had to burn many fines. But with the skill of acting, he has made the place in the audience. Currently, one of the finest actors of Bollywood, Nawazuddin.

At the beginning of the career, Nawazuddin played a role as pickpocketer in Rajkumar Hirani’s Munna Bhai MBBS film . He praised Nawazufilm. performance but did not think that the actor would be such a big star. Hirani This creator has said at a recent ceremony.

Regarding this, Rajkumar Hirani said, “Everyone in the film scene would beat him and they really did! I told him that you did a great job, you’re an outstanding actor. But I never thought that Nawazuddin would be such a big star actor. ‘

In the scene of the movie, actor Nawazuddin picks Sunil Dutt’s pocket. Then the people beat him. From there, Sunil Dutta rescues him.

Talking about the scenes behind this scene, Hirani said, ‘Sunil Dutt has played in the movie after almost 16 years. When we were preparing for the shooting, Sunil Dutt thought that he had no audio scene. Just the identity scene. Then he called Bidhu Binod Chopra and he told me to add a scene. I said it was not possible because it would ruin the continuity of the movie. He also insisted. Think of a lot of pocketmakers in a thought where a thief beats his pocket and people beat the pocketma. Dutta suggested to rescue him from there and stay away from such people because they are very frustrated.

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