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7 signs of the after marital crisis

 7 signs of the after marital crisis

Bridal is an unbreakable bond of love. Bridal is the meaning of marriage between the couple and the couple, together with the home of the lifeless house and the structure of a house making a house of peace. Together, dreaming, sharing laughter and weeping, raising a child – this is the name of the bride.

But still, the two people will always agree on all matters. Since the psychological structure of the two is different then it is also very normal to have the difference in demand. That is why sometimes the crisis arises from the emergence of depression. Two integral organs of crisis and happiness

Happiness is shared by sharing happiness with everyone. But why to happen private life crisis? Here are 7 signs of the after marital crisis.

* The husband and wife are under the same roof, sleeping on one bed, and doing all the things in the household according to the routine. But do not feel like there is nothing to do. Somewhere a gap. Communicating and interaction among themselves have come down drastically. But you are continuing your speech with others. There is no doubt about any problem or lack of encouragement. The only thing that is utterly empty is the speech of itself. After a few words, bitterness is coming. The relativity of the relationship is the primary danger signal of the bridal crisis.

* It has come to such a conclusion that the husband or wife can find the fault in every word or thing. Even if he did not make a mistake, it does not seem right to you. And you criticize his mistakes by throwing it under the microscope. When these mistakes are taken and criticized by both sides, then understand that the time has come to find a solution.

* Your husband got promoted to the office for almost a month. But you did not know the point of the good news. You got the news from the mouth of a third person. Similarly, on vacation, your wife will go to the picnic with her colleagues. But you do not know anything about this. This means that the husband or wife is keeping others in the dark about his personal achievement, decision, and plan. Only then will it take a serious crisis.

* When you talk, quarrels and turbulence are tied. This quarrel has become so overwhelming that it starts even in front of children or working people. The little talk is also taking a bigger shape. In front of everyone, it is not able to tie the upper family, personal life, and character.

* In order to solve personal problems, it is often the third person’s help. The best friend to call for soliciting solutions Both of them are not willing to reconcile the issue of apathy or apology.

* Do not want to return home after the end of the day. Wish to spend time with other favorite people at the end of the job. The signs of the breakdown about the relapse of the reluctance to return home or to the family.

* On both holidays, two children used to walk around with children. But now it has completely lost its enthusiasm. Two people wanted to buy a flat by depositing money but now it seems that buying a flat is not necessary. Being completely discouraged about the two things that were planned or planned, it means that it is one of the signs of the marital crisis.

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