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10 home-made treatments of constipation

home-made treatments of constipation

The cure for constipation is very close to you. To relieve constipation quickly, you can apply the reliable natural treatment mentioned in this report. Here 10 home-made treatments of constipation

* Sesame seeds

Constipation is a wonderful domestic treatment, sesame seeds. The oily structure of sesame seeds works to humid the intestines, it helps in the dry mug and relieves constipation. Add sesame seeds to cereals or salads or sprinkle them with food like the syringe.

* Molasses

Before you go to bed, one tablespoon of molasses (Blackstream Molasses) may soften your constipation in the morning. The density of the perfected Blackstream Molasses is three times, so it contains significant vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium) that can release you from constipation.

* Fiber
Fiber or fiber works like a pipe cleaner. It cleans food and rubbish from your digestive tract, absorbs water and makes stools grow. Set the target of 20 to 35 grams of fiber intake daily for regular discharge. Bran cereals, beans, pulses, oatmeals, almonds, barley, many vegetables and fruits, and dried fruit have plenty of fiber. These foods can be home remedies for constipation. If you have constipation and take extra fiber, drink more water than usual to make your stool soft and easy to fit.

* Mint or ginger tea

Prostrated domestic treatment of mint and adhesive tea to relieve certain digestive problems. Methyl is in the mint, which has an antispasmodic effect which relaxes the digestive tract muscles. Ginger is a warm herb which produces more heat inside the body, according to herbalists, it can speed up slow digestion. Tea hot water also stimulates digestion and removes constipation.

* Healthy Fats

Olive oil, nuts, and avocado contain healthy fats which help to relieve your intestine and help relieve constipation. Salmon with fiber-rich leafy vegetables and olive oil sauce, a nutmeg or a tablespoon with fruits or toast, natural nut butter is a good way. Even if you want to control the weight, healthy body fat is required.

* Lemon water

Lemon juice citric acid acts as a stimulant in your digestive system and helps to remove toxic substances from the body and relieves constipation. Drink lemon chips and drink a glass of water every morning or drink lemon tea.

* Coffee

Coffee can stimulate your colon or colon and increase the rate of bathing. Other hot drinks also serve as home remedies for constipation: Solid warm water or honey can also stimulate your bowel with herbal tea or lemon juice. Coffee urine, so besure to drink enough water.

* Keyism

High fiber-rich keyism contain tartaric acid, which has a racquet reaction. According to the research, keyism can play an effective role in relieving constipation. Cherry and apricots are rich in fiber and can help to cure your constipation. Eating these fruits with yogurt will get great benefits.

* Alobokhara

The fruits of this fiber play a good role in bringing your digestion back to the track. There are three grams of fiber in three alobokhara and there is an element that can confirm the intestinal contraction and go to the bathroom. Another good result for relieving constipation is fig, which does not produce more petaflops like alobokhara.

* Castor Oil

These domestic treatments are coming from generation to generation. One of the main uses of castor oil is its use as a lactic or rancid or stool-emitter. Take one to two teaspoons of castor oil in empty stomach and get fruit in eight hours. Why? Break the compound of this oil and stimulate your thigh and thighs.

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