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One of the top YouTube channels sold

the most watched videos in YouTube

London’s Direkh and Cane Holder couple opened a YouTube channel titled ‘Little Baby Left’, based on the hobby.

This channel is mainly used to show rhythm and songs for children through 3D animation videos in various languages. The company has recently bought an agency named Munburg. No information has been specified about how much the transaction has been in exchange for this. But it is believed that Munborg has spent 85 million US dollars for the channel.

Learning and fun videos have been very popular with Ranvir Raim. The channel is the most visited top nine channel on YouTube with 16 million subscribers. This channel has a 54-minute video of nursery children’s rhyme. Which has been seen two hundred million times.

It is the top 20 in the list of the most watched videos in YouTube’s history. Former employee of the erstwhile Walt Disney crew, Renee Rectmann, and two of his colleagues Alfred Khab and John Robson. They have created this new agency.

The channel has been purchased from that company. However, no further information was given about what work and new kind of video will be given.

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