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10 complex diseases that can be cured

complex diseases that can be cured

There are many deadly or complicated diseases, which can be detected by somebody who has a sudden death. But do not be frustrated. Because it is possible to cure many complex diseases in the lifespan. But early detection of the disease is very important, because the more likely the cure can be detected as soon as possible.

Here are 10 complex diseases that are not impossible in a healthy lifetime.

* Heart disease
Male and female killer diseases, heart disease But breakthrough new methods and techniques (such as the treatment for the removal of cardiovascular inflammation) can estimate, prevent and cure heart disease.

* Alzheimer’s Disease
Incredibly, the treatment of this degenerative brain-destructive disease may be in our hands. New York City’s Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) Executive Director and Chief Science Officer Howard M. Phillet said, “I have been working in Alzheimer’s research for 40 years. But I was not so much optimistic as before. Clinical trials are now being treated more frequently than previously, good diagnosis and scientific understanding are also evident. It’s a golden time for Alzheimer’s research. “One of the major challenges is the lack of measurable marker for this disease. Dr. Phillit said, “Cholesterol is the primary biomarker of heart disease, our goal is to invent the general and low-cost blood test for screening of Alzheimer’s disease.” He added, “these tests will be used to detect the disease before developing a dementia in Alzheimer’s patient. Will be able to Both of these diseases can be prevented and cured. “Due to this, ADDF is working with the help of Bill Gates, the Dolby Family, the Charles and Hellen Square Foundation and others to innovate new biomarkers to detect Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers are also excited about new treatments, such as those treatments (for example, gene therapy) that can reduce the production of plaque in the brain, leading to the dementia of Alzheimer’s patients, said New York City psychiatrist and neurologist Amy Lighty in Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Leukemia and lymphoma
Otis Browley, chief medical and scientific officer at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, said, “Leukemia and lymphoma are blood cancer, which is being cured. In some cases, these diseases are cured and other types of drugs are controlled by the use of medicines, as we do in diabetes and HIV. “In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States approved 18 therapy for the treatment of blood cancer, among which There is also gene therapy – it is the immune system to detect and kill cancer cells Help

* Breast cancer
Dr. Brownie said, “There are women living with breast cancer for 15 to 20 years and their condition is better.” She said, “These breast cancer are like smoldering fire and we use chemotherapy or hormonal treatment instead of water.” He added, ‘We have already started to realize that everything we say is cancer, it does not need to be cured,

* Lung cancer
Dr. Brownlee said, “The use of smoking and the use of new drugs has already begun to improve lung cancer patients.” One such medication is Pembroligomave (Brand Name: Keitruda), which has been approved for the treatment of lung cancer. It releases protein called PDA-L1, which keeps the tumor secret from the immune system. This therapy helps to control the immune system against cancer by blocking the PDL1 protein. Dr. Brolley said, “When these medicines are used for the right lung cancer, some patients receive long-term remission (they get better health conditions) and they get quality life and normal life exposition.” Is not it like healing? New drugs do not work for every lung cancer and doctors continue to practice genetics for this cancer and to create the desired medicines.

* Colon cancer
Dr. Brownie said, “Surgeons have already been able to cure primary colon cancer and some colon cancer that started to spread.” This is possible due to early detection of cancer through screening colonoscopy. The new guidelines of the American Cancer Society are that people with average risk of coltoral cancer should be screened regularly from the age of 45. It can detect colon cancer at the healing stage, Dr. Brownie said.

* Ovarian cancer
A few decades ago, ovarian or ovarian cancer was considered a secret and silent killer because there was no screening test. Time has changed. Dr. Brownie said, “In the 1980’s, any woman of third-stage ovarian cancer could be killed, but now she can be sent to complete remediation with chemotherapy of 6-cycle surgery.” The cancer patients in CA 125 show that the cancer patients are relapse May be far away.

* Child epilepsy
There is a subset of childhood epilepsy, which can be cure in the near future, said Ajay Gupta, Head of Pediatric Epilapsi, in Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Genetic and environmental factors may be responsible for epilepsy or epilepsy. Dr. Gupta said, ‘Medical, monitoring and healing efforts in healthy environment can cure epilepsy. In case of childhood epilepsy, doctors can apply a treatment or treatment combination for quality life. “Two revolutionary medical disciplines have contributed to the solution of epilepsy. Dr. According to Gupta, “There is a lot of information about our genetic factor, now we understand that epilepsy is due to hereditary and we can see the inside of the brain through improved imaging, so that we can determine the abnormalities of the brain.”

* Stroke
According to the United States National Stroke Association, there is a stroke or brain attack in the United States every 40 seconds. Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Center Director M. Sajam Hussain said, “We treat stroke by treating acute stroke through the use of clot blaster such as tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) or by removing blood clots that block blood flow in the brain.” Stroke resistance is better than good. He said, ‘If anyone is at risk of stroke, then we have many new options to prevent future stroke, which include good medicines and strategies. For example, we know that the possibility of having a big stroke after a mini stroke is very high, especially during the first few days or several weeks. We have discovered that blood is very thin and can prevent these major strokes by controlling the risk factors. ‘Take immediate emergency medical care when symptoms of stroke appear. As soon as you take medical care, the more likely you are to recover your brain.

* Cystic fibrosis
Cystic fibrosis is a progressive, genetic disease. This can be the reason for chronic lung infection and respiratory failure. CATR mutation causes cystic fibrosis. CRISPR technology is a powerful tool for genome editing – it allows researchers to easily modify DNA sequences and modify gene function. Many of its powerful applications include correction of genetic defects and prevention of disease and disease prevention. A version (CRISPR-CAS 9) can play cure for cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cecil cell disease, genetic blindness and mascular dystrophy. It started trial on humans, but the expectation is much more.

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