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What should be your role in solving the marital crisis

Bridal is an unbreakable bond of love. Bridal is the meaning of marriage between the couple and the couple, together with the home of the lifeless house and the structure of a house making a house of peace. Together, dreaming, sharing laughter and weeping, raising a child – this is the name of the bride.

But still, the two people will always agree on all matters. Since the psychological structure of the two is different then it is also very normal to have the difference in demand. That is why sometimes the crisis arises from the emergence of depression. Here what should be your role in solving the marital crisis

* Whenever you start to realize that your marriage is in crisis, then review the problem on the cold head. Find out why the problem is being created. If you have no fault of yourself, never avoid it. Make a list of problems. Now talk about it with your husband or wife. Sit in a place where nobody will bother you. Accept it to your partner if you are guilty. Accepting your mistake with very natural and sincerity results in positive results.

* No matter how busy, keep a personal time for yourself. Talk back to the rest of the office and talk about how you spent all day. At this time, unnecessarily ridicule your mate about joking, talking, talking about old mistakes. Rather talk about the light and fun things as much as possible.

* Do not take all the decisions yourself. Give importance to the opinion of your partner. The result of the child’s test results, the food menu, the savings for themselves, the two decide together. It will be a compromise between themselves.

* Never give gifts to each other without any reason. Come to visit some twins together on holiday. Forgetting the cultural thinking, two chapters as before. Tell the companions of the difficulties buried in yourself. Explain to him exactly how you want to get him. Slowly try to reduce the distance between themselves by negotiating.

* When the couple is old, most couples start falling into sex life. Do not keep yourself unnecessarily because the children are getting older. If there is a good relationship between parents, children also feel safe. Hugging unnecessarily, holding hands with no reason for any reason strengthens the relationship.

* Lots of spaces given to husband or wife. Make your own world. Always do not depend on the partner, maintain a distinction. Build a ballon with your friends and relatives. But remember to always grasp as bad as it is, it is also worrying to be completely indifferent.

* If you suspect the suspicion makes you worry about it then you need to verify yourself. Please really consider whether your husband or wife has any faults or complicates the situation. You can understand what is right, what is wrong if you cut thoughts from honesty to yourself.

* Do not press your own desires or preferences to please the partner since the first step of the relationship. Again do not force your choice on the partner. Neither is it with or not all the likes and dislikes. The first condition of love is that a man loves his fault.

Every husband and wife have a lot of problems. Most of the time it is settled by discussing it among themselves. But in some cases the situation may be that outside help may be needed. It is only necessary that a councilor’s cooperation.

Many people think that how an unknown, unknown person will solve the problems of your marriage? Again many feel relieved to go to the counselor because they think all of their bridal talks will be exposed or personal weaknesses will be known by an unknown person.

But if you hide the problem, it will not be solved. Rather, the anger of your mind will come out through counseling. He can not help saying that he could not say much about it If you open the windows of the mind, the problem is very much met. In fact, when the husband and wife try to solve their problems, they are firmly in their speech. The councilor adopts mediocrity in this regard. Many times he used the Role Playing Technique. That means to tell husbands to treat their wife and wife as a husband. In this, the husband and wife realized their mistakes and came again closer.

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