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An Interview with the Motivational Writer Michael Kold from Denmark

Interviewed by Ira Zenith

Michael Kold the brand name for motivational writers from Denmark. The extraordinary talent helped him standing out of the crowd, so down to earth. This soft-spoken motivational speaker tells us about the dreams and goals of life and how to achieve it with a perfect mindset.

Tarunnoloak: Hello Michael!
Michael Kold: Good afternoon.

T: How are you doing this afternoon?
MK: I’m good thank you, what about you?

T: I am good… thank you. So, tell me, a bit of you… When did you start to write?
MK: I started writing 11 years ago, I got my first book published in Denmark.

T: 11 long years is indeed a long way… What motivated you to go for such action?
MK: As a writer?

T: Yes, as a motivational writer and speaker…
MK: At that time it was a goal for me to write a book. I don’t know from where it came, but at that time I felt it was something special to be a writer and since I needed a book about coaching the people, I was training, it seemed like a great solution write the students’ manual as a book.

T: That’s indeed a resourceful job… and as far as I can perceive you did pretty well.
MK: Thank you. The reason why I came as a motivational speaker and writer are because I’ve worked with thousands of people helping them to change their lives on one to one correspondences, and I wanted to reach out with more people…

T: Tell us something about your life that might motivate a lot of aspiring writers…
MK: It is like everything else in the world. I used a lot of time finding out how we think and how we create meaning for our lives. Then I researched on this topic for a long time on how to help people getting the results the deserved. And it was never been enough for me to know the technics only for myself. I wanted to share my findings with people. I think life is about finding a passion and living it 100%.

T: OK.
MK: That’s what I’m still doing, I never settled for a moment, I’m always eager to find better faster easier ways to change the way we think, so we can change our lives faster and faster.

T: Do you believe your writings might affect other aspiring motivational writers?
MK: I know they will, I get emails and messages from people every week, who are telling me … how a quote, a book, or a conversation with me changed their lives. Some of my clients are motivational speakers who want to be better. And many of them know what to do, they just don’t do it. I this is the main problem for many people, they just don’t get actively active on their need, because they don’t know how their body, energy, and mindset work.

T: If you ask your clients to Act like what he does make a difference in other peoples’ lives… How do they react and respond?
MK: If I do that, I do it to help them to change their mindset. Many people find it easier to do the things they think they can do if the set their mindset at the point as if they already can do it… they can easily get the results they are asking for…

T: You are not too old, and it is not too late… that is the message you send to people which has a deeper meaning…
MK: Yes!

T: I really appreciate your words when you said, ‘Notice the people who make an effort to stay in your life’
MK: In my opinion, if we ponder over our deeper entity and feelings we hold deep inside on what we really want to do in life, most people have a lot of dreams they want to fulfill. If we start to listen to our inner self, and stop judging ourselves on how we look, our age, and so on… we will find that most people like adventures… I show them their untrodden ways to find their desired peace and satisfaction. It is so inspiring.

T: It is. But I feel really worried about the situation you asked us to be aware of, where you said… ‘People who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say’
MK: That is the results and impacts. I think that we all know who we are but many people have learned to do things that kept them unknown to society.

T: Yes!
MK: They have learned to fit in… but fitting into a family, society, or a country doesn’t always mean that we are allowed to be who we know we are deep inside.

T: You said As long as you know who you are, it doesn’t matter how others see you
MK: I think many people are doing their best they can to fit in but some of us are losing ourselves along the way…

T: OK! You showed in your books how one can change the inner self and the world around…
MK: Yes! I did.

T: May I know how many books you have written so far and your next book… what is it about?
MK: Six books … The last one published from Denmark. It will be translated in English and will be published in 2019 named The Spiritual Leader
I think we need more leaders who dare to follow their heart instead of thinking about mere money. I think that a combination of earning money and taking care of ourselves is the best way to create a better future. Right now too many people are working only for money … but they are losing themselves on the way. So they start to get themselves stressed, have health problems etc. The reason is they don’t listen to their inner voices. They should know how to listen to their inner selves.

T: You are really a leader who shows paths to the leaders also
MK: Thank you

T: We will eagerly wait for your next book.
That’s all I have for you… If you have any message for my readers please convey
MK: Always follow your heart before you make any decisions.

T: Thank you.

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