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Beauty myths busted

Does application of castor oil increase growth of eyelash and eyebrow hair or is cleansing milk a more effective way to clean deep pores? An expert separates myth from reality.


Here’s what Dr.Navin Taneja, director of The National Skin Centre, has to say:


* Myth: Skin cream and moisturiser with vitamins A, E and other plants extract prevents ageing and skin wrinkling.


Reality: Most of these substances are not absorbed topically and hence carry no added advantage over a plain moisturiser. Some of them are humectants and thus act as moisturisers and temporarily improve wrinkles.


* Myth: Use of castor oil increases growth of eyelash and eyebrow hair.


Reality: Application of any oil does not affect rate of hair growth except for the possible effects of the massage action.


* Myth: Shampoos with ingredients like pro-vitamin B5 and keratin are effective on damaged hair.


Reality: Damaged hair due to abuse of hair styling techniques and hair products need a mild detergent shampoo with conditioner. Conditioners containing proteins like hydrolized animal protein are beneficial whereas various other addictive only enhance commercial appeal.


* Myth: Cleansing milk and facial packs are more effective ways to clean deep pores.


Reality: Soaps are equally effective for facial cleaning and the above mentioned products offer no significant advantage.


* Myth: Natural ingredients are better for skin.


Reality: There are no factual basis which proves that natural or organic ingredients are better for skin. Many antioxidants are naturally derived, but by the time they are extracted, purified and processed, they are far from their natural beginnings, reports Ians.

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