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My Real Hero Sheikh Hasina : Adam Tamizi Haque

A Dhaka North City Corporation election is knocking at the door. The nominees of different parties are being discussed for appearing elections. An important name for Awami League’s nomination candidates is Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque.

Haque is one of the largest and oldest biscuits; chips; confectionary; soap and battery manufacturers in Bangladesh. Haque is in this business since 1947 started by young Barrister Tamizul Haque as a distributor of famous British biscuit giant Huntley & Palmers and battery giant Union Carbide. Haque is a pioneer in many segments like Cream Crackers; Bourbon; Sugar Glazed Biscuit; Oven Fresh Cookies; Chocolate Filled Chips and many more. Now the consistency in business is blessed with the inspiration and ‘Can Do’ attitude of Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque and he is serving the company as Managing Director.

He Studied higher politics in Europe, Adam Tamizi Haque has been working for the people to seal the social service during many years. Adam Tamizi Haque, who traveled to more than one hundred countries in the world, planned differently in Dhaka. Keeping in mind the age of the generation, he is ready to make a smart city, keeping in mind the next generation.

But how? The talk of Ali adnan on behalf of Tarunnoloak has come up in online interviews.

Tarunnoloak: Your name is heard in Awami League nominees in Dhaka North City Corporation elections. What do you say?

Adam Tamizi Haque: See, Mayor Anisul Huq’s death is an unfortunate incident. We were not ready for this. I have been trying to work with people for a long time.

The last mayor Anisul Haque has just done what he has done in two years. He was a brilliant example of honesty, devotion, and courage. If there is a continuation of his work, then in a short time there will be a big change in the city life of Dhaka. If the city dwellers give me the chance, I will act as the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will direct me.

Tarunnoloak: What to do if you do not get the nomination?

Adam Tamizi Haque: I will work for the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who nominate me. I have told all my well-wishers, supporters, staff members, I will accept the decision of my leader.

Tarunnoloak: What are the main problems of Dhaka in your eyes?

Adam Tamizi Haque: There are many problems in Dhaka. Dhaka is the capital for a long time. Looking back at history, we could see that Dhaka was the capital of this region, except for a short period of time. But Dhaka was not built in a planned manner.

The survey of the world’s largest companies shows that the name of Dhaka is in the list of unqualified cities. It’s a shame for us. There is no planned urbanization here. Most of our installations are risky. Our parks are now half-mastered. The rivers and canals are almost dead. There is no discrimination between residential areas and commercial areas. The drainage system is very bad.

An ideal city requires 25% of roads, 10% open space, 15% of the trees. But we did not admit it here. Not long in a day, it has been a little overdue for a long time. Our traffic system is very backdated. The traffic jam is a common problem here. The consequences of these problems are becoming more and more prone to the earthquake. Environmental experts claim that the level of the Richter scale will be 85% of the city’s buildings collapsed if the earthquake is greater than 7. That is, we should not wait to say we are standing in a horrible situation. And there is a problem in everyday life. Water problems, electricity problems, sanitation problems.

The slums in Dhaka are one of the main problems. The total number of slum voters in Dhaka is less than twenty-three lakhs. But in those slums, there is no advantage of electricity – gas – water. No sanitation system the development is going on. But that development cannot be properly reached in the right place without a right man.

Tarunnoloak: What will you do to solve these problems if you can be City Mayor?

Adam Tamizi Haque: No, a mayor cannot change the city overnight. Not possible at all. What City Mayor can do is to take things forward through a long-term master plan. It will be a ten-fifteen-year master plan. The long-term plan was seen in the late Mayor Anisul Haque’s work. The development is going on. There is a lot more development in all sectors. The question is, what is the development planned? Or whether is it fruitful?

Tarunnoloak: What can be the structure of today’s reality?

Adam Tamizi Haque: Large institutions of administration can be transferred outside the capital with a long-term plan. Offices, establishments, public-private companies can be taken in various departmental cities. This will reduce the pressure on the capital on one side, while the importance of divisional cities will be increased.

Industrial areas must move out of the capital. Residential areas and commercial areas cannot be together. It destroys the quality of the beautiful and clean life. The bus terminals should be taken out without leaving the city inside.

Tarunnoloak: multi-storied buildings create enchanting environments.

Adam Tamizi Haque: I’m in favor of the multi-story building. But it should be properly designed. We have planned here to scatter ideas. Which is not in the most developed nation in the world. One hundred and forty-one buildings are built together in a specific area of the city as per the requirement. Then the rest of the city is empty. Where the residential area can be that at least you can breathe.

Tarunnoloak: Our transportation system is also unplanned.

Adam Tamizi Haque: Of course. The importance of public transport should be given than a private car. If the number of private vehicles is reduced, the road will be empty. Public transportation will be faster then. Money and time both will be affordable Moreover; people who want to walk can walk if there is planned urbanization.

They will be excited to walk rather than sitting on the bus for only one and a half kilometer road. But here we are not able to give the environment for walking. Footpaths – Over breeze occupies all. Most people are not aware of sanitation. The pavement is where it is padded, cough-spitting is normal. Most of the foot waters breed the hijackers and drug addicts.

Actually, there is no scope to blame ordinary people. They want a favorable environment. We cannot afford. That’s our fault.

Tarunnoloak: If you are elected Mayor, then what five major problems will you work with?

Adam Tamizi Hague: I’m not in favor of assurance. Again, to increase the vote I do not like to hurry to talk. I believe, if our next generation is to provide a living city, then its initiative should be taken today. Not only will the elected mayor take the initiative. Everybody should come forward with awareness in their respective places. Mayor will work as the head of the authority. Ensure accountability. Those who own billions of crores of taka, they will not make sure their land is safe to land abroad. But the people who eat normal food where they go?

Tarunnoloak: Many city planners and environmentalists claim that the capital may need to be transferred. What do you think?

Adam Tamizi Hague: It’s demand for time. But is not possible over night, needed in the long-term plan.

As many local people are in Dhaka, due to their work, the amount of or the number of people near them come regularly in Dhaka due to floating. If important establishments can be moved outside Dhaka, then the pressure will be reduced. Dhaka cannot take pressure on the population.

Tarunnoloak: What are the potential aspects of Dhaka?

Adam Tamizi Hague: One of Asia’s most promising city is Dhaka. Now we have all. Electricity – gas – all of the water. We cannot find anywhere else in the world where labor is so available to us.

Dhaka Tourism City Make a lot of money by utilizing the world-wide tourism sector. But the number of people living in Dhaka for long twenty years who did not want to see Lalbagh fort or Ahsan Manzil, are not less here. Because we could not improve our tourism sectors in that way. They could not take any initiative to care for them. In a city park or open place is very much needed. But we’ll see here the parks are dying. People are afraid to go to the park. Suhrawardy Udyan is now occupying floating people and drug addicts. Keeping the head in the sand cannot be overcome by the problem.

Any civilization on the river will grow on the river. But our river Buriganga is now half dead. The canals have all dried up. If you notice, the water bus service in the Hatirjheel project reduces the pressure of passengers on the same side as on the other side, while the money from the water is also getting worse. The state is benefiting from this. There we killed all our canals. Canals can be used in the same way.

If we are to make Dhaka a habitable safe city, then many sectors of the administration have to be transferred outside Dhaka. The industries will be taken out of Dhaka. Commercial areas and residences are to be separated. Bus terminals should be taken in one city. Otherwise, Dhaka will be stuck within the next 10 years.

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