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Karate: A perfect self-defence technique

This is regarding an article published in Young Observer titled ‘Karate: A perfect self-defence technique’ on January 11, 2018. The world is so crucial that parents cannot always figure out when and where a dreadful incident will occur to their beloved child. Karate, the martial art techniques, can play the role of rescuer here as this is not only a sport but also a complete life style.

Karate develops focus, perseverance, compaction, teamwork, confidence, fitness of a child. As a result, it helps the child grow confidence. Most importantly, it paves the way to become one’s own protector. Precisely, if a child learns the self defence techniques of martial arts from his/her early age, it will be his/her life time companion in every precarious moment.

The parents of karate kids would feel relaxed when their youngsters are away from home. Nowadays, people are getting aware of the fact and making their way to the karate training centres. Women, men, grown-ups and most importantly, kids in large numbers are joining the training centres to learn a new lifestyle of being their own protector.

The writer is studying at Department of English and Humanities, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh



Source: Daily observer


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