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Why to Mix Vinegar in the water?

Apple Cedar Vinegar The solution of the bath water will solve the many problems of skin and hair. Vitamin C and Vitamin B are available in this vinegar. Besides, other essential components are available from apple cider vinegar. Readers Digest said the benefits of regular bathing in apple cider vinegar mixed water

Apple Cedar Vinegar does not have the ability to remove the burns of the black skin.
The pH level controls the skin.
The extraordinary apple cider vinegar in the care of the hair. It removes dandruff. As well as the hair prevents the forearm. Hair is bright and bright, it is
Apple Cider Vinegar removes bacteria on the skin As well as the softness on the skin is actually.
This vinegar removes the smell of sweat. Reduces excessive dizziness.
How to Mix Vinegar in Water
Fill the hot water in the bathtub. Mix 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in the water. Immerse 20 to 30 minutes in the water mixed with vinegar. Water can also give water to the water, However, keep an eye on the eyes that the water should not go away.

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