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How To Preserve Meat In Eidul Azha

How To Preserve Meat In Eidul Azha

Eidul Azha, One of the religious festivals of the Muslims. During this time, proper preservation of meat of the animal is very important.

Due to not knowing the mechanism of properly preserving meat, it is often lost in the meat, the taste is lost or the quality of the meat is not maintained. So it is necessary to know the techniques of preserving meat.

Meat is one of the main sources of animal protein. Everybody wants to take a little longer time. Here How To Preserve Meat In Eidul Azha

* The most basic method of preserving meat is to dry the sun in the sun and dry it. In this method, the meat is good for a long time. For this, the meat should be kept in the sun for 5 to 6 days. And the meat tin must be kept well. It is best to avoid this process if it is not sunny or during the rainy season.

* Light salty and yellow flesh regularly with heat, it is good for a long time in normal temperature.

* Using vinegar, meat can be kept good. For this reason, if you drank meat in vinegar between tin koos or bottles, it is good for a long time. The lemon juice is also good for meat. The pieces of meat will be lined with lemon juice. And to keep the mouth shut. But the vinegar or lemon juice reservoir should be kept in the refrigerators’ normal temperature without leaving the refrigerator freezing.

Currently, the best way to preserve the meat is to be preserved in the refrigerator. It is possible to keep the meat good for a long time. But if you put the fridge for a long time it will be damaged. Usually, the frozen beef is good for 3 to 4 months and the meat is good for 2 to 3 months. Find out some ways to keep the refrigerated meat.

* Before keeping the sacrificial animals, the fridge should be well cleaned. Because the fish of the previous fish or other may have the smell.

* Within 3 to 4 hours of meat, the meat is strong. It is better not to freeze the meat at the time.

* Before washing the refrigerator, the meat will be washed thoroughly after washing the water. So that there is no blood. Large baskets can be used for water drops.

* Keep in mind that the pieces of frozen meat should not be bigger. For this, cutting the time of cutting meat is good.

* It is better to use packets to keep the meat better without using the ten packets. The meat is good in it.

* Many times it can be seen that keeping the packets of many meats is not going to take meat during the time of need. Have a packet with another. For this reason, it is possible to keep a thick piece of paper between the packets while keeping the refrigerator first. Then this problem will not occur.

* Do not open more without the need of the refrigerator door. This can cause air packets in the air.

* Cook the meat in a small box and keep it frozen for a long time. It can lose quality and taste.

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