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An interview of a compulsive writer of our age : David Blalock

H. David Blalock has been writing speculative fiction for over 40 years, His work has appeared in novels, novellas, stories, arrticles, reviews, and commentary both in print and online, Since 1996, his fiction has appeared in over two dozen.

Tarunnoloak: How long you are writing?

David Blalock : I have been writing since I was small, but my real career as a writer began in 1971, when I had a poem published. Since then, I have concentrated mostly on short stories although my work has appeared in novels, novellas, short stories, and non-fiction as well as screenplays.

Tarunnoloak: What motivates you to do such actions?

David Blalock : I am a compulsive writer, that is, I have long periods of inactivity followed by an irresistible urge to write that can last from several days to several months. As I have aged, the inactive periods have become longer, unfortunately, but I fill in those times I don’t write by helping other writers through editing or consulting. I am inspired by the people around me, how they act toward others and react to situations. I then ask the question, why? or what if they had acted differently? and set about answering those questions on the page.

Tarunnoloak: You can do magic with words… How?

David Blalock : I write what I feel. All of us see the world differently, and there is magic in the world no matter where you look if you are just open to seeing it. I have learned through much practice how to put my feelings into words on the page, which is a skill that is in all of us but only a few of us take the time to develop it properly.

Tarunnolok: Tell us something about your life that might motivate a lot the aspiring writers

David Blalock : I would say the key to being a successful writer, besides making sure you always finish what you start, is not to take rejection personally. What you write will not always appeal to the publisher or editor for one reason or another, but it is seldom if ever personal. Publishers have to make money on their releases, and that is their main concern. In my career I have received many more rejections than acceptances. It is simply a matter of dedication to the craft and a certain amount of determination.

Tarunnoloak: Do you believe your writings might affect other writers?

David Blalock : I certainly would like to think my writing helps other writers to understand the mechanics and magic of writing — how it can evoke emotion, good and bad. If my writing holds out an example of success to other writers, it is my honor.

Tarunnoloak: Thank you for giving us time. Best wishes for your book from tarunnoloak.

David Blalock : Thank you. My best to you and your readers.

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