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Ominous power be shattered


::Mohammad Jahangir Alam:: 

I am frustrated, disheartened at the barbarity of the terrorist attack on innocent people in Dhaka on 1st July at evening. I disclosed my heartfelt condolences to those who have lost their loved ones and wish their departed soul to rest in peace.  Nation is a great loser. We are undone. We have lost two brilliant police officers. Two brave police officers who laid down their lives. These killers were not Muslims. Terrorist have no religion. The jihadist slaughtered 20 twenty foreign hostages in Dhaka at Gulshan. I cannot imagine such kind of attacks taking place in my beloved Country. I always believe, Bangladesh is a democratic liberal country.  We have to find out soul searching on how this breeding of violence began in our country. Our government has to create a peaceful society shared by everyone; they have to keep space, rights for all to express their views freely, without fear or social or official constraints, Such as Hindu Muslim, Buddho, Christian and all political parties.  Bangladesh is going to be part of an emergent world of equality and respect or dignity. We have a lot of enemy around us. They are alert to destroy our garments sector. They think, if they can demolish or destroy our country, our international customers, Garments buyer won’t come in Bangladesh. No foreign investment won’t reached or come in Bangladesh. Our garments order will transfer another country.  It will affect our country’s economy. Our prime minister wants to promote the country with the pace of globally. She has to appeal all nations to work together to bring peace in the whole of the world. Violence, military or terrorist can no longer be sustained in one country or region in the world. We are noticing lots of incidents every day. We must wake up to the fact that violence in one place breeds violence, even in remotest places of the world. Our Prime Minister should make an agreement to developed nations to overcome difficulties to bring peace in the World.  So we have to be committed to bring peace in our cities and communities around the world. Our prime minister must urge the civil society leaders to bring pressure on relevant parties and super-powers to stop such kind of heinous terrorist attacks.

Writer is a contemporary commentator. 

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